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Axillary mini thoracotomy operation done by Dr.Anil Bhattrai

Hilari Rai

Information about novel coronavirus

Converted to Mental to Gental

link copied from Resunga Online TV

Link copied from Resunga Online TV

Link copied from Resunga Online TV

Link copied from Resunga Online TV

Link copied from Media taja khabar

Link copied from Hamro Hatemalo youtube channel

Link copied form Good Tv

Free Treatment done to PHD Baba(Ramakanta bhandari)

Hema Thapa of Gulmi

Free Operation done in our hospital, Hima Thapa from Gulmi

hair transplant in nepal | dermatologist Dr kamal Raj Dhital

Dr.Kamal Raj Dhital on Hair Transplantation

Dr.Khem Raj Bhusal

Interview on news 24

8 years baby,gang raped

News published on News 24 about free treatment on every months

102 Years Old man form Dhading .

Ringroad Cleaning Campaign

Involvement of hospital Staff on Ringroad Cleaning Campaign

Quadruplets Healthy Babies at once

Lok Maya Sunar (Nine Months baby)

London News Published the news

Telling about the free openheart surgery done in Greencity Hospital

Giving Speech By Chairman of

Free Health Camp in Kavre ,Nala


Woman Gives Birth to 4 Babies at Once

News telecasted on Sagarmatha tv

Kamal Dhamala of Okhaldhunga

Patients feedback on his own words

Greencity Hospital provided free treatment to quadruplets and their mom

Green City Hospital, Nepal


Greencity Hospital introduction

Greencity hospital have done free openheart surgery for 10 heart patients.

Green City Hospital, Nepal

Mero Doctor - Interview with Dr Anil Bhattrai about Free Heart Checkup - Mangsir 10

Open Heart Surgerry news of GCH on Image TV

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We provide 24x7 service. 2 ambulance will be standby for the emergency case.

In-case of Emergency(other than RTA and all other emergencies)Please contact on our hospital's Land line phone number.

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